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 Additional Rules

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PostSubject: Additional Rules   Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:00 pm

Now, if someone were have to swore at you, and you reply with a bad comment... Things can get very ugly. But what most people tend to do is just fight against them thinking there going to win. For example...


You do not fight back against them, calling them names and making it worse. The worst thing that can happen is, people can get people to hate you. Or everytime you log in, harse words will be thrown at you. This is the proper thing to do.

Dont fight back with them, just say "Please stop bothering me" and put them in ignore list if they dont stop.
You can always take a picture/report a mod and post picture on forum, so we can do something about it.

If someone made fun of you because you are not a very good pker. Do you reply with a "STFU", "You Fail", "Suck My ****", Etc

You should not even be mean in the first place, if you pked the person, or the person pked you. This is what should really happen.

Just say, "Good Fight" instead of making enemies that could have turned to be your best friend.

Flaming an admin, now most people dont understand the concept of what "Flaming an admin" means... For example, Me "Mod Ben" have been told off for doing my job, Like if i had jailed Someone, the answer would be, "I will get you demoted", "Your the worst admin ever", "I never even did anything you **** Muncher!". Not exceptable.. Even if i did not reply to a player because i am helping 3 other players, I tend to get comments like this...

If an administrator does not help you, you think telling them off will help your case? it will just make the admin not like you as much... This is what should have happened.


... Thank you for listening to these rules. Please use them wisely. ~Made By Cerda. Person In Pictures "Cerda And Rise Against :]"
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Additional Rules
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