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 Applying for moderator status

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PostSubject: Applying for moderator status   Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:53 pm

When you are applying for Moderator status, you should think before you write. For example, many people tend to write this in there application, "I want mod. Thanks". That is not a true mod application... A true mod application is when you use a mod template. Here is the mod template you would need to be able to get a better chance at getting that position.

Moderator Template

-Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?
-Have You Ever Been A Mod Before? (Dont List The Servers)
-Will You Respect Others?
-What Do You Do If Someone Xlogs?
-What Do You Do If Someone Glitches?
-Is Pjing Alloud? (If You Get It Wrong, Change It)
-Will You Be Friendly To Other Staff?
-Does The Other Staff Like You?
-What Do You Say If Someone Says "Can You Show Me What Jail/Modzone Looks Like?"

Also, another rule that people don't seem to get in there head is, YOU have to REGISTER before you can even make a mod application. That will definatly not get you mod.

Last but not least, you need to get 20 posts. You cannot just make a mod application. That means you didnt even read the rules.
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Applying for moderator status
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