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 Asking admin(s) for items!

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PostSubject: Asking admin(s) for items!   Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:51 pm

Now here is a big issue with many of the players on Forsaken-isle. Many of you have questions like "I lost my items cause i was Dc'd, Can you pay me back?" Or "Can i have cash cause thats how awsome i am :]" Or "Ill pay you max cash for mod."

Alright, now when i saw a comment from a player saying, "Ill pay you max cash for mod." Are you joking? An administrator is able to spawn any item and any amount. Also, if you havent noticed... Administrators cant even trade, due to the fact that things like this could happen.

Last but not least, people ask Administrators to buy rares off them such as "Santa Hats" "Party Hats" Etc. For the last time, Administrators can not trade. If you are that desprate for a "Rare" then go to Donate and send Mod Ben the amount of money you are willing to pay for the amount of rares you want.

For the finish, the term "Harrasing an Administrator or Owner" is also meaning you begging for items, its not fare that one person gets an item and you don't. So please, don't beg Mod Ben or any other staff for items. If you want to earn money, go to ::skillarena or go pk.
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Asking admin(s) for items!
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