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PostSubject: Mod Sweeney(Already Admin)   Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:38 pm

Moderator Template-
-Why Do You Want To Be A Mod? Im Pro in Helping Very Happy And will say to mates to join!
-Have You Ever Been A Mod Before? (Dont List The Servers) Yes..Slashscape/Runescape
-Will You Respect Others? Yes...Why not? I will help everyone i see!
-What Do You Do If Someone Xlogs? Tell to admins/Report the
-What Do You Do If Someone Glitches? Same.
-Is Pjing Alloud? (If You Get It Wrong, Change It) No i dont believe pjing is fair,pking but idk.....
-Will You Be Friendly To Other Staff? Yesshhh! Smile Its most thing i will do
-Does The Other Staff Like You? I hope yes..
-What Do You Say If Someone Says "Can You Show Me What Jail/Modzone Looks Like?" I dont sayorshow it lol..Its ONLY FOR STAFF/MODS...Thats why i dont accept that.

-What i want say = I will make it a nice game...Wink And help everyone...!

Question santa

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Mod Sweeney(Already Admin)
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