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 beaty girl2 mod appeal

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PostSubject: Re: beaty girl2 mod appeal   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:34 pm

well i need not say anything this is not mod behavior
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Rise Against
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PostSubject: Re: beaty girl2 mod appeal   Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:59 am

You know nothing about forums, you can't even post right. You make a new topic every time you try to reply, and we're full on mods. And I've never seen you in-game.
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beaty girl2

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PostSubject: beaty girl2 mod appeal   Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:37 pm

im beaty girl2
i like this server because it good and no lag.....
ipmortant:: i go other server and spamm and let them join this server!!
importan:: i vote every day for this server
$ Intro $
Hello, I'm mais or meme . I've been playing this server for 1-2 months, although I took some time off after the item reset. This is one of the best servers out there, I am a great leader, and I am extremely helpful. I have made so many friends here on coolerscape.

$ Quick Facts About Me $
Name: mais or meme
Age: 14
Gender: female
Staff Position Wanted: Ingame Mod
Location: jerusalem / palestine
Average Time Played: 4-5 Hours
Hobbies: Soccer, BasketBall, any sports, and chilling with friends

$ Past Experience $

I have a lot of past experience being a Mod on various servers. Not only have I been what is listed, but I am going to the 10th grade. Add my msn in the Favorites or Friends and PM them and ask.
after beaty underscore
- Co-Owned 3 times
- Always get Mod Or Admin on other servers
- Been Admin on 5 different servers
- Been Mod on 4 other servers
- I have over 5 years on clients/Silab servers
I am on everyday im very nice, i can help anybody anytime ive been playing runescape for 3+ years ive moved from runescape to other servers make.

$ some question $

-Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?
because i think i am a trusted & well respective player & i follow the rule's of the game & i dont disrespect anybody im nice & i think i'll do a great job at being a moderator.
Also, i can stop advertiser's, constant spamming by muting,
spammer's deserve a warning to stop & then mute for a hour or 2, & if they continue after that jail & if they flame me constantly saying harsh word's it deserve's ipmute.
:3 coolerscape.

-Have You Ever Been A Mod Before?
yes i have on alot of server's.

-Will You Respect Others?
yes it's my duty i'll treat all player's just as if i was still like them but it's a crown that you acheived while being respected.

-What Do You Do If Someone Xlogs?
If somebody xlog's i warn them once not to do it, if they continue to do it i'll jail for half & hour and see if they learnt there lesson if they did & apologise, i'll unjail but if they continously do it while i see it, then i'll pm a admin to sort out a punishment.

-What Do You Do If Someone Glitches?
If somebody glitch's if i would do the same with somebody x-logging. I would jail them for half & hour and if they still haven't learn there lesson & continously keep on-going, i'll pm a admin to deal with the problem.

-Is Pjing Alloud? (If You Get It Wrong, Change It)
YES, pjing is allowed there's no reason why it shouldn't be, it's a "low-skill" of pking, but it's just the way pking was created.

-Will You Be Friendly To Other Staff?
Yes, There's no reason to hate on anybody it's a game & everybody should treat staff with respect.

-Does The Other Staff Like You?
Yes they do as far as i know anyway.

-What Do You Say If Someone Says "Can You Show Me What Jail Looks Like?"
Well if somebody asked me that, i could show them direction's from ::skillarena so they know,
Or i could jail myself & jail them until the player want's to leave & i'll unjail him/her & myself & continue to keep watch on the server .

Why I Want To Be Moderator.

I Play This Server For About 3 Weeks And Saw Lots Of Things Happen Around Me.
Some Abusers Spammers Hackers Dupers... Then I say It To Someone Says Proof?
I think What Ever, I Saw It With my Own Eyes Said! And Im Gonna Help To ! I Help When Stuck Glitched And That !

So Like This. Most Happened things.

[X] X Loggers...
[X] Hackers...
[X] Dupers...

So I Thought This I Wanna Be A Mod To Stop All This Shit..

The Following Rules U must Follow
No X Logging!

No Duping!

No Spamming!

No Glitching Or Glitching Bugs.

No Multi Glitch At Pk !

This Are Some Rules Of It.


[X] Spammers : Give 3 Warnings IF They Dont Listen Jail. Still Dont Listen 24 hour Mute No Listen Ip Mute.

[X] HACKERS : Hackers Are Hard To Stop But Some Things can be good.
Try Jail. ip mute. ban and ip ban and hold the server 2 - 3 Mins OFFLINE.

[X] Syi Is The Most Coming Things In A Server..
Try This. 5-10 Jail - Ip Mute - Ipban 30 - 50 shut the server for 3-5 mins

$ What I will Change $

I will change the economy get all the dupers right now i have caught a duper but i dont have any power to deal with him no staff was on then if i was a mod i could of jailed him im always on i hate when i feel like i should of been mod to catch him and no staff on. In other servers i have caught lots and banned them.

thank you all for read my appeal.
comment in my appeal

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PostSubject: Re: beaty girl2 mod appeal   

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beaty girl2 mod appeal
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