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 firemaking guide

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PostSubject: firemaking guide   Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:06 am

(this can use the woodcutting guild aswell read that then this)

you need woodcutting for this


step 1 go to home teleport

step 2 talk to herquin and buy tinderbox for 1gp

step 3 type ::skillarena

step 4 chop wood (woodcut) logs should show up in invotory

step 5 click a log and then click tinderbox

then ur done thts how u do firemaking

what type of tree and what fire makin level u need::

tree------------1 fm

oak tree--------15fm

willow tree---------30fm

maple tree--------45fm

yew tree----------60fm

magic tree----------- 75fm

beckys frist guide Very Happy
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firemaking guide
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