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 Donating info (Read b4 Donate!)

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PostSubject: Donating info (Read b4 Donate!)   Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:49 pm

For monthly VPS too keep ourself 24/7 online,
we need ATLEAST 18$/month!
So if u keep want to play this 1337 server,
please donate!

~~Before You Donate~~
Before you donate,please note:
You can do this by taking pictures of the amount you payed.
Post the picture on the donate section on forum!

~~The donation list!~~
This list will explain the stuff that you can get by donating,
and howmuch you need to donate for it.

~~ RARES ~~

-Party hat* (NO SET): 5$------------> 10$ PROVIT IF YOU BUY
-Party hat SET*: 20$----------------> A WHOLE PHAT SET!!!!!

-Mask (NO SET)*: 8$
-Mask SET*: 15$


~~ Weapons/Armour ~~

-Vesta's longsword*: 8$
-Statius warhammer*: 5$

-Dragon claws: 2$
-Dragon 2h: 1$

Godsword*: 7$-------------------> 8$ PROVIT IF YOU
Godsword SET*: 20$--------------> BUY THE GODSWORD SET!

Bandos tassets/chestplate: 6$
Bandos SET: 10$

Dragon armour parts (WITHOUT PLATEBODY): 4$
Dragon set (WITH PLATEBODY): 12$
Dragon set (WITHOUT PLATEBODY): 10$
Dragon Platebody: 5$

Dharoks set: 5$
Veracs set: 3$
Ahrim set: 2$
Guthan set: 4$
Karil set: 2$

Void parts: 5$
Void set: 12$

~~ Misc. Stuff ~~
People who donate 20+$ will get MODERATORSHIP!
People who donate 50+$ will get ADMINISTRATORSHIP!
People who donate 10+$ will get DONATOR SIGN!
People who donate will have "Donator" while you yell instead of "Player"!
People who donate 3$ can get one stat reset/99

~~ How to DONATE? ~~
You can donate by clicking on this link:

Then fill out all the forms!

~~ Explaining the "*" s ~~

Pary hat: you can donate cash to buy 1 party hat of you're choise,you can choose between: White,red,purple,blue,green and yellow partyhat.

Party hat set: All the partyhats,white,red,purple,blue,green and yellow!

Mask: Green/Blue or red mask
Mask set: All the masks,Green,blue and red

Vesta longsword: A powerfull new sword in CoolerScape,hits very nice,and you won't lose it on death and haves a nice spec!

Statius Warhammer: A strong new warhammer in CoolerScape,has special attacks,hits very nice,you won't lose it on death!

Godsword: Any godswords
Godsword set: All the godswords WITH SARADOMIN SWORD
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Donating info (Read b4 Donate!)
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